Producing waste

wasteToday a colleague pointed out that Agilistas produce a lot of waste. Since it’s in the core of agile to reduce waste, this seemed like a strange statement. So we discussed a bit 🙂 I pointed out that we produce less overhead documentation than other people do, as can be found in almost all presentations about Agile.

He then told me he didn’t mean in the projects themselves… Agilistas are responsible for a whole lot of blogposts, tweets, Google+-posts, etc. and he labelled it waste. Of course I responded that using ­social media is an act of being social. A trait of all true Agilistas, since we value communication. Using social media gives people the opportunity to read and reply in their own time and we win time by not using it for mindless discussions. This silenced him for a moment, but he’s still not convinced. Luckily I know the silence means I got him thinking.