Attended the Testnet testing dojo

DojoSo, the 4th of April I attended my first testing dojo. Fun to see that most people are up for their first time. A large group of people showed up, but we had a relatively small room to work in.

After a very short introduction of Huib Schoots and Peter van Tulder we started testing in groups. The test object was a (not too structured) website. Testing without any specification was harder than I expected. Where to start? What to test? What was the intention by releasing this website? Without asking any of these questions upfront, we started… We had some structure on how to go through the website, but it was a really messy site. So after half an hour of testing all teams came together for a debriefing. People found bugs, but were they bugs?

Before testing another website, we got some leads on how to get focus on what to do. One suggestion was to use SFDEPOT to address different aspects of the software. Luckily the second test object had a clearer scope 🙂 We only got 15 minutes to test this one, so we focussed on a part of the functionality. Though we had more structure this time, I still had trouble in creating structure in what to do. Luckily the partnering provided guidance and in the end I felt we did the right things.

This dojo has opened my eyes on how much I rely on scripted testing and I will need to practice more on my exploratory skills. I had a great evening and hope Testnet will do this more often (hopefully in smaller groups)!