Jeroen Mengerink has allround knowledge of ICT through his MSc degree in computer science. He has gained knowledge about structural testing according to the Tmap®-method. In addition he has gained ISTQB Certificates in Software Testing, the Certified Agile Tester and the Certified Agile Tester Trainer certificates.

His analytic skills together with his methodical knowledge of testing software enable him to quickly analyse complex issues and deliver essential contributions to testing projects.

He currently works as a test consultant for Polteq. Next to his work for clients, he is involved in various test innovations. His main area of expertise is Agile, for which he is the person to talk to within Polteq. Jeroen teaches several test courses, e.g. about Agile, SOA and Cloud. He is one of the two authors of the book Cloutest testing of cloud services.

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