Celebrate your Agile/Scrum milestones

Last week I was reading Celebrate Your Milestones at the WordPress blog. Which made me realise that with some of the Agile teams I was in, we did just that!

Things we celebrated were:cake

  • each sprint we finished
  • each x points of business value we delivered
  • completing all the features of an epic

Setting these goals resulted in more commitment and more motivation in the team. By the bonding that we got from celebrating these milestones, we had very good communication and openness in our team. Next to these team milestones, people had their personal milestones. Thanks to the bonding, people shared celebrating their personal milestones with the team by bringing cake 🙂

Conclusion is that celebrating milestones will help in creating efficient and committed teams.


Ranked 16th

Testnieuws.nl made a ranking of the most visible and active Dutch software testers in 2011. At first:  Congratulations to all people on the list! My presentations on Testnet and Eurostar helped to get me on this list as 16th! Polteq did very well with visibility, we’ve got four people on the list 🙂 I’m feeling very proud to recveive a place between a lot of wellknown and valued testers.

Cloutest launched!

It has been quiet on my blog, but it had a reason! Finally, after a year of work, the book Cloutest about testing cloud services is done!

On the 8th of March 2012 Polteq hosted a Cloutestbig event where we launched our approach on how to test cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and Saas). In the afternoon Kees Blokland and I gave a tutorial based on the book to our Polteq colleagues. While we were introducing the approach, the external guests were entertained by Lee Copeland.

In the evening, Lee started with a keynote on innovations in the test world, after which Martin Pol introduced the concept of the cloud. When he finished this introduction, it was time for Ruud Teunissen to cover the architecture of Cloutest. Cloutest consists of detailed risks that will occur when you start using cloud computing, grouped into themes. Next to these risks you will find a set of test measures. Some of them existing measures, like load testing, but nicely polished to fit the new needs we see for performance testing in the cloud. But you’ll also see new measures that stretch the definition of test. The important asset of the book is the link we made from each individual risk to the different measures needed to cover the risk.

Having the architecture clear, Kees and myself started introducing some new risks we see with cloud computing. And of course we also shared some measures with the audience e.g. on how to test the elasticity that we find in the cloud and how to deal with rules and regulations in different countries.

At the end of our event, all attendees received the book Cloutest! Feels kind of strange that people now have a book with my name on it on their bookshelves…